Master Reservation List

We are so very excited for the opportunity to work with each of the families listed below on the placement of your new family member in the coming months. We will work down the list with the whelping of each litter and update the list accordingly so you always know your place 'in line'.

** Please remember that we do retain the right to hold any puppy as a potential breeding prospect, and the list doesn't take those holdbacks into consideration **


  1. Nesbitt
  2. Hartley
  3. Huffstetler
  4. Connell
  5. Lundie


Sullivans Island, SC
Mount Pleasant, SC
York, SC
Summerville, SC
Pawleys Island, SC


Female/Tinker or Sophie
No preference/No preference
No preference/No preference


On Hold
Fall ’21
Fall ’21
Fall ’21
Fall ’21