Lexi & River

Lexi & River had 5 beautiful pups on July 23rd

4 Girls and 1 Boy

Go home date:  September 18th

Size:  Mini 15-25 lbs.

Colors:  Caramel, Red Caramel and Parti


1. Breeder Holdback - SCLD
2. Breeder Holdback - SCLD
3. Tessier
4. Rooney-Wagner
5. Fountaine

Newborn Pics

6 Week Pics

We currently have no litters, and are taking advantage of the opportunity to recharge and spend some family time with our girls.  Things will be getting very busy around here in another month, so be on the lookout for updates here and on our Facebook page.  In the meantime, please visit our upcoming litters page (link below) for more information on when we are expecting new pups as well as who the expecting parents are and take advantage of this opportunity to place a deposit for one of these available pups.  Thanks so much for your interest!