What exactly is a Guardian Home?

It is our goal at South Carolina Little Doodles that each of our breeding dogs have a family of their own to give them the best possible life. When you become a Guardian family, you receive a pick of the litter puppy to raise and love in your own home forever, with the cost to you being nothing more than a commitment to love on your new family addition to your fullest.  This affords us the opportunity to continue our breeding program, while continuing to leave a quality footprint on the Australian Labradoodle breed as a whole.  We retain the breeding rights for a designated time that is established with each family.

Our Expense:

Your dog will be spayed or neutered at our expense when their breeding career is completed.

Yours Forever:

Most importantly, your Australian Labradoodle will remain a part of your family forever!

Currently Available:


DOB 4/20/21, Chocolate Parti Roan, expected to be ~22-25 lbs. & 15″


So, how does the program work?

Most often, the Guardian family will receive a girl.  Every now and again, we will have a boy needing a home. When the Guardian dog is in season, the Guardian family is required to contact us immediately. We will need to have breeding related appointments at this time (if breeding during that cycle).  Once she has been bred, she will remain with her Guardian family until one week before her due date.  Her pregnancy is about 63 days. A week before she is due, she will come stay with us until her pups are weaned at approximately 5-6 weeks. Puppies stay with us for 8 weeks, but we have experienced mama dogs that can take over after weaning.  We love for Guardian families to visit their Guardian dog and encourage you to do so during her stay with us! A guardian female will have no more than four litters during her breeding career and we take care of all costs associated with breeding, whelping and raising of offspring.

How do I know if I qualify to be a Guardian?

As a Guardian home, you will need to live within 60 miles of Florence, SC (includes Columbia, Myrtle Beach, etc.) have a fenced yard and a safe and secure environment for the Guardian puppy. You need to own your own home, not have a schedule that requires you to be away from your Guardian dog for long, extended periods of time on a regular basis. Guardian pups and dogs must be indoor dogs and not left outside unattended. Labradoodle Guardians are asked to keep their dog on Life’s Abundance dog food while in our program, provide routine veterinary care and provide for ‘normal’ costs of raising a pet, such as grooming, monthly flea/tick/heart worm preventative, etc.  We do prefer Guardians that are not first time dog owners and have an established vet as a reference. Other pets are welcome to be in the home as well, but all other dogs must be neutered or spayed.

Communication is key to a successful Guardian relationship. You need to be accessible and open with us and we in return provide you with all the support that you need. We appreciate our Guardian homes as we could not continue our program without them.