2022 Pairings

We have the below pairings that will take place in the November to January timeframe, which means go-homes will be around February to April, give or take a few weeks depending on the exact timing that each of each girl's cycle. Litters will be a combination of minis and small mediums in shades of red, black, caramel, red caramel and parti. Mother Nature is in control and we do our best to estimate as accurately as possible. We could possibly add more pairings, which will be dependent on timing of girls cycles and how they coalesce with the other currently planned breedings. Breeder maintains the right to change stud at the last minute if needed and we ALWAYS reserve the right to keep any puppy for the preservation of our program or another breeder's program.

IF you would like to reserve an upcoming South Carolina Little Doodle puppy, the first step is submitting a puppy application, which can be found here:

Once a mutually agreed upon decision is made to move forward, you will be placed on the specific litter that correlates most closely with your size/color/temperament preferences.

Faith and River

Faith and River will be paired around mid-May, with pups expected to go home late September.

Size:     Mini’s (15- 28 lbs.)

Expected ColorsThis litter will be caramels, red caramels and partis, some with white markings.

Taking reservations now!

Coco and Duke


Coco will be bred with Duke in the May timeframe with puppies going home somewhere around late September

Size:     Mini’s (18-28 lbs.)

Expected ColorsChocolates, caramels, phantoms and some with white markings. 

Taking reservations now!

Luna and River


Luna’s pregnancy has been confirmed via ultrasound and she is expecting around March 8th.

SizeMinis (15 – 25 lbs.)

Expected ColorsVarying shades of caramel, some with white markings and parti.

No reservations available – litter fully booked until litter is born.

Aspen and Hogan


Aspen had 5 beautiful girls on April 19th 🐕

SizeMinis to small mediums (20 – 32 lbs.)

Expected ColorsDeep red and caramels, some with white markings.

Currently accepting reservations.

Rosie and River

Rosie and River breeding to take place mid March with puppies to go home mid-July.

Size:     Minis (15 – 25 lbs.)

Expected ColorsVarying shades of red (apricot to red – black nose/dark eyes), caramels (liver nose/light eyes), some with white markings and parti in these colors. 

Currently accepting reservations.